Dan Lambton-Howard

Dan Lambton-Howard

Doctoral Trainee

I am a game designer and researcher. My research focuses on the use of game design practice for facilitating discourse, conveying complex information and supporting participatory processes.

Projects I have worked on range from running a ‘real-time’ global strategic foresight game with the 4000+ young volunteers from the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, played entirely through WhatsApp; to designing developing and delivering and fully immersive ‘pop-up’ escape room for conveying humanitarian strategy; to designing and delivering peer-support systems for extreme weight-loss as part of diabetes management in Barbados.

A significant strand of my research involves the creative appropriation of existing social media technologies – unplatformed design – and its application to real world problems.


Unplatformed Design: A Model for Appropriating Social Media Technologies for Coordinated Participation

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WhatFutures: Designing Large-Scale Engagements on WhatsApp

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