I am interested in issues around the role of technology in International Development. Over the last year, I have been involved in Digital Civics research looking at the intersection of local communities and digital technologies.My current project, Radio Health Dialogues, looks at how IVR technology can be used to run ‘radio shows’ in resource-constrained settings like India and Lebanon. Utilising novel approaches in media production, we will be developing a platform for anyone in these communities to host their own radio show around a topic of their interest.

Before joining Open Lab, I spent four years in Bangor, Wales where I did my Bachelors and Masters in Computer Science. While under the supervision of Prof. Jonathan Roberts, I developed a keen interest in Visual Analytics (hoping to publish a paper on a summary visualisation tool we created). I also did some work around Color Calibration and Colorimetry.


Utilizing Participant Voice in Volunteer Training

  1. Delvin Varghese
  2. Jay Rainey
  3. Kyle Montague
  4. Tom Bartindale
  5. Patrick Olivier

2020CHI '20: Proceedings of the 2020 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems


Our Story: Addressing Challenges in Development Contexts for Sustainable Participatory Video

  1. Bartindale T
  2. Varghese D
  3. Schofield GP
  4. Tsukamoto M

2019CHI '19: Proceedings of the 2019 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems


Sangoshthi: Empowering Community Health Workers through Peer Learning in Rural India

  1. Yadav D
  2. Singh P
  3. Montague K
  4. Kumar V
  5. Sood D
  6. Balaam M
  7. Sharma D
  8. Duggal M
  9. Bartindale T
  10. Varghese D
  11. Olivier P

201726th International Conference on World Wide Web

Citizen Tagger: Exploring social tagging of conversational audio

  1. Varghese D
  2. Olivier P
  3. Balaam M

2017INTERACT 2017: IFIP Conference on Human-Computer Interaction