I’m a postgraduate researcher and software engineer with a passion for co-developing mobile technologies within communities and schools. Using participatory design, I engage with stakeholders to produce and deploy mobile applications and full-stack web technologies which aim to empower them as citizens.

My research focus is around how mobile learning technologies can be used to better surface and utilise the civic value of places, and empower the communities which give them meaning. My PhD project, OurPlace, is a mobile platform which supports the creation, sharing and completion of highly customisable mobile learning activities. OurPlace aims to explore how approachable mobile learning technologies can support stakeholders in creating their own bespoke, interactive resources to share their values and knowledge with others.

My time at Open Lab has also involved supporting NHS patients in self-monitoring their skin conditions, producing applications which assist in speech and language therapy, and helping Red Cross volunteers voice their concerns about the future of their institution.


Usability testing of MySkinSelfie: a mobile phone application for skin self?monitoring

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Stammerapp: Designing a mobile application to support self-reflection and goal setting for people who Stammer

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ParkLearn: Creating, sharing and engaging with place-based activities for seamless mobile learning

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Exploring Public Places as Infrastructures for Civic M-Learning

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Speeching: Mobile Crowdsourced Speech Assessment to Support Self-Monitoring and Management for People with Parkinson’s

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