Publications in 2005

An evaluation of a multidimensional visual interface for geographic information retrieval

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2005International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, Proceedings

Attitudes and perceptions towards healthier eating of older adults residing in sheltered housing

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2005Proceedings of the Nutrition Society

Blossom, a hand-worn, interactive digital-jewellery concept piece

  1. Wallace SJ

2005‘Our Cyborg Future’; ‘Interrogating Fashion’ an experimental fashion event; ‘Wearable Futures’

Comparison of methods to estimate non-milk extrinsic sugars and their application to sugars in the diet of young adolescents

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2005British Journal of Nutrition

Gender and socio-demographic factors influencing dietary change from adolescence to adulthood: The ASH30 study

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2005South African Journal of Clinical Nutrition

Intelligent Virtual Agents: 5th International Working Conference (IVA). Kos, Greece. 12-14 September 2005

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2005Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence

Packaged food intake by children aged 0 to 16 years (g/kg body weight)

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  4. Moynihan PJ
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2005Proceedings of the Nutrition Society

Smart Graphics: 5th International Symposium. Frauenwörth Cloister, Germany. 22-24 August 2005

  1. Butz A
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2005Lecture Notes in Computer Science

T?Align, a web?based tool for comparison of multiple terminal restriction fragment length polymorphism profiles

  1. Smith CJ
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2005FEMS Microbiology Ecology

The impact of a school-based nutrition education intervention on dietary intake and cognitive and attitudinal variables relating to fruits and vegetables

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2005Public Health Nutrition

Virtual Camera Planning

  1. Christie M
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2005Smart Graphics: 5th International Symposium (SG)

Virtual camera planning: A survey

  1. Christie M
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2005Smart Graphics: 5th International Symposium (SG)