Publications in 2008

“I’m not here to entertain you, I’m here to help you learn”: Motivation and the co-construction of identity in the MFL classroom

  1. Preston A

2008Cutting Edges: Identity in the Classroom

Activity recognition from on-body sensors: accuracy-power trade-off by dynamic sensor selection

  1. Zappi P
  2. Lombriser C
  3. Farella E
  4. Roggen D
  5. Benini L
  6. Tröster G

20085th European Conference on Wireless Sensor Networks (EWSN 2008)

Aesthetics and experience-centered design

  1. Wright P
  2. Wallace J
  3. McCarthy J

2008ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction

Analysis of Static Data Flow Structures

  1. Sokolov D
  2. Poliakov I
  3. Yakovlev A

2008Fundamenta Informaticae

Are inequalities in overweight, obesity and high waist-hip ratio among English adults widening?

  1. Chadwick T
  2. Stamp E
  3. White M
  4. Adamson A
  5. Howel D

200852nd Annual Scientific Meeting of the Society for Social Medicine

Attribute Gates

  1. Sulaiman AN
  2. Olivier P

2008School of Computing Science Technical Report Series

Attribute Gates

  1. Sulaiman-Kharrufa A
  2. Olivier P

2008ACM symposium on User interface software and technology (UIST '08)

Automated Verification of Asynchronous Circuits Using Circuit Petri Nets

  1. Poliakov I
  2. Mokhov A
  3. Rafiev A
  4. Sokolov D
  5. Yakovlev A

200814th IEEE International Symposium on Asynchronous Circuits and Systems

Biometrie daemons: Authentication via electronic pets

  1. Briggs P
  2. Olivier P

2008Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

Bringing physics to the surface

  1. Wilson AD
  2. Izadi S
  3. Hilliges O
  4. Garcia-Mendoza A
  5. Kirk D

2008UIST 2008: Proceedings of the 21st Annual ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology

Camera Control in Computer Graphics

  1. Christie M
  2. Olivier P
  3. Normand J-M

2008Computer Graphics Forum

Children's estimates of food portion size: The development and evaluation of three portion size assessment tools for use with children

  1. Foster E
  2. Matthews JNS
  3. Lloyd J
  4. Marshall L
  5. Mathers JC
  6. Nelson M
  7. Barton KL
  8. Wrieden WL
  9. Cornelissen P
  10. Harris J
  11. Adamson AJ

2008British Journal of Nutrition

Children's estimates of food portion size: The effect of timing of dietary interview on the accuracy of children's portion size estimates

  1. Foster E
  2. O'Keeffe M
  3. Matthews JNS
  4. Mathers JC
  5. Nelson M
  6. Barton KL
  7. Wrieden WL
  8. Adamson AJ

2008British Journal of Nutrition

Developing a novel interface for capturing self reports of affect

  1. Alsmeyer M
  2. Luckin R
  3. Good J
  4. Madeline Balaam

2008Human Factors in Computing Systems: Extended Abstracts

Display registration for device interaction a proof of principle prototype

  1. Pears N
  2. Olivier P
  3. Jackson D

20083rd International Conference on Computer Vision Theory and Applications (VISAPP)

Doing 'motivation' in the Foreign Language classroom: Findings from the chalkface

  1. Preston A

200817th Sociolinguistics Symposium

dream.Medusa: A participatory performance

  1. Taylor R
  2. Boulanger P
  3. Olivier P

2008Smart Graphics: 9th International Symposium, SG 2008

Dynamic clustering using binary multi-objective particle swarm optimization for wireless sensor networks

  1. Latiff N
  2. Tsimenidis C
  3. Sharif B
  4. Ladha C

2008IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications (PIMRC)

Empathy and experience in HCI

  1. Wright PC
  2. McCarthy JM

2008CHI 2008: Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

Enhancing privacy in public spaces through crossmodal displays

  1. Cao H
  2. Olivier P
  3. Jackson D

2008Social Science Computer Review

Estimation of typical food portion sizes for children of different ages in Great Britain

  1. Wrieden WL
  2. Longbottom PJ
  3. Adamson AJ
  4. Ogston SA
  5. Payne A
  6. Haleem MA
  7. Barton KL

2008British Journal of Nutrition

Evaluating Ubiquitous Systems with Users (Workshop Summary)

  1. Kray C
  2. Larsen LB
  3. Olivier P
  4. Biemans M
  5. van Bunningen A
  6. Fetter M
  7. Jay T
  8. Khan VJ
  9. Leitner G
  10. Mulder I
  11. Muller J
  12. Ploetz T
  13. de Vallejo IL

2008Constructing Ambient Intelligence: AmI 2007 Workshops

Gaze-Contingent Passwords at the ATM

  1. Dunphy P
  2. Fitch A
  3. Olivier P

2008Proceedings of COGAIN 2008: Communication , Environment and Mobility Control by Gaze

iTV as a platform for rich multimedia reminders for people with dementia

  1. Carmichael A
  2. Rice M
  3. Lindsay S
  4. Olivier P

2008Changing Television Environments: Proceedings of the 6th European Conference, EUROITV 2008

Minimising distance ambiguity through thresholding RSS measurements in Wireless Sensor Networks

  1. Ladha C
  2. Sharif B
  3. Tsimenidis C
  4. Latiff NMA

2008IEEE 19th International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications (PIMRC)

Multi-Touch Surfaces: A Technical Guide

  1. Schöning J
  2. Brandl P
  3. Daiber F
  4. Echtler F
  5. Hilliges O
  6. Hook J
  7. Löchtefeld M
  8. Motamedi N
  9. Muller L
  10. Olivier P
  11. Roth T
  12. von Zadow U

2008Institute for Geoinformatics Technical Report Series

Scatterbox: Context-Aware Message Management

  1. Knox S
  2. Shannon R
  3. Coyle L
  4. Clear AK
  5. Dobson S
  6. Quigley A
  7. Nixon P

2008Revue d'Intelligence Artificielle

Securing Passfaces for Description

  1. Dunphy P
  2. Nicholson J
  3. Olivier P

2008Proceedings of the Fourth Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security (SOUPS)

Self-timed Circuit Design: Stepping from Control to Data Path

  1. Yakovlev A
  2. Sokolov D
  3. Poliakov I

2008Workshop Concurrency Methods, Issues and Applications

Sources of total, non-milk extrinsic, and intrinsic and milk sugars in the diets of older adults living in sheltered accommodation

  1. Bradbury J
  2. Mulvaney CE
  3. Adamson AJ
  4. Seal CJ
  5. Mathers JC
  6. Moynihan PJ

2008British Journal of Nutrition

Surveillance of physical activity in the UK is flawed: validation of the Health Survey for England Physical Activity Questionnaire

  1. Basterfield L
  2. Adamson AJ
  3. Parkinson KN
  4. Maute U
  5. Xin-Li P
  6. Reilly JJ

2008Archives of Disease in Childhood

TangiSoft: A Tangible Direct-Touch Tabletop Keyboard

  1. Sulaiman A N
  2. Olivier P
  3. Heslop P

2008School of Computing Science Technical Report Series

TangiSoft: Designing a Tangible Direct-Touch Tabletop Keyboard

  1. Sulaiman A N
  2. Olivier P
  3. Heslop P

2008School of Computing Science Technical Report Series

Technology scruples: why intimidation will not save the recording industry and how enchantment might

  1. Blythe M
  2. Wright P

2008Personal and Ubiquitous Computing

The IRIS network of excellence: Integrating research in interactive storytelling

  1. Cavazza M
  2. Donikian S
  3. Christie M
  4. Spierling U
  5. Szilas N
  6. Vorderer P
  7. Hartmann T
  8. Klimmt C
  9. Andre E
  10. Champagnat R
  11. Petta P
  12. Olivier P

2008Interactive Storytelling: First Joint International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling

The relation between diarrhoeal episodes in infancy and both blood pressure and sodium intake in later life: The Newcastle Thousand Families Study

  1. Pearce MS
  2. Relton CL
  3. Unwin NC
  4. Adamson AJ
  5. Smith GD

2008Journal of Human Hypertension

Using immersive video to evaluate future traveller information systems

  1. Guo AW
  2. Blythe P
  3. Olivier P
  4. Singh P
  5. Nam Ha H

2008IET Intelligent Transport Systems

Wearable Activity Tracking in Car Manufacturing

  1. Stiefmeier T
  2. Roggen D
  3. Ogris G
  4. Lukowicz P
  5. Troester G

2008IEEE Pervasive Computing Magazine