Publications in 2009

“Smart" Approaches to Lighting Design

  1. Olivier P
  2. Ha H
  3. Christie M

2009it - Information Technology

<strong> </strong>Supporting affective communication in the classroom with the Subtle Stone

  1. Alsmeyer M
  2. Good J
  3. Luckin R
  4. Madeline Balaam

2009Journal International Journal of Learning Technology

A Short Film About VJs: Using Documentary Film to Engage Performers in Design

  1. Hook J
  2. Green D
  3. Olivier P

2009CHI 2009: Digital Life, New World. The 27th Annual CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

Ageing futures: Towards an inclusive cognitive interaction design

  1. Vines J
  2. Thompson S

2009Include 2009: International conference on Inclusive Design

Ambient kitchen: Designing situated services using a high fidelity prototyping environment

  1. Olivier P
  2. Xu G
  3. Monk A
  4. Hoey J

2009ACM International Conference Proceeding Series

AMUC: Associated Motion Capture User Categories

  1. Norman SJ
  2. Lawson SEM
  3. Olivier P
  4. Watson P
  5. Chan AMA
  6. Dade-Robertson M
  7. Dunphy P
  8. Green D
  9. Hiden H
  10. Hook J
  11. Jackson DG

2009Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences

An Evaluation of Future Traveller Information System and Its Effectiveness in Demand Management Schemes.

  1. Guo AW
  2. Blythe PT
  3. Olivier P
  4. Singh P
  5. Ha HN

2009Travel Demand Management and Road User Pricing: Success, Failure and Feasibility

An experience report and analysis of Java technologies in undergraduate game programming courses

  1. Gestwicki P
  2. Haddad A
  3. Toombs A
  4. Sun F

2009Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges

Body, world and affordance: towards engaging technological artefacts for older individuals

  1. Vines J

2009Nordes 2009: 3rd Nordic Design Research Conference

Building Interactive Multi-Touch Surfaces

  1. Schöning J
  2. Hook J
  3. Motamedi N
  4. Olivier P
  5. Echtler F
  6. Brandl P
  7. Mullern L
  8. Daiber F
  9. Hilliges O
  10. Loechtefeld M
  11. Roth T
  12. Schmidt D
  13. von Zadow U

2009Journal of Graphics, GPU, and Game Tools

Camera control in computer graphics: Models, techniques and applications

  1. Christie M
  2. Olivier P


Collocated social practices surrounding photos

  1. Lindley S
  2. Durrant AC
  3. Kirk D
  4. Taylor AS

2009International Journal of Human-Computer Studies

Creating dream.medusa to encourage dialogue in performance

  1. Taylor R
  2. Boulanger P
  3. Olivier P

2009Smart Graphics: 10th International Symposium

Creating dream.Medusa to Encourage Dialogue in Performance

  1. Taylor R
  2. Boulanger P
  3. Olivier P

2009Smart Graphics: 10th International Symposium (SG)

Design and prototype of a device to engage cognitively disabled older adults in visual artwork

  1. Blunsden S
  2. Richards B
  3. Bartindale T
  4. Jackson D
  5. Olivier P
  6. Boger J
  7. Mihailidis A
  8. Hoey J

2009ACM International Conference Proceeding Series

Design and Prototype of a Device to Engage Cognitively Disabled Older Adults in Visual Artwork

  1. Blunsden S
  2. Richards B
  3. Bartindale T
  4. Jackson D
  5. Olivier P

2009Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Pervasive Technologies Related to Assistive Environments

Developing a focus group approach for exploring parents' perspectives on childhood overweight

  1. Jones AR
  2. Hyland RM
  3. Parkinson KN
  4. Adamson AJ
  5. The Gateshead Millennium Study Core Team

2009Nutrition Bulletin

Dietary assessment at the end of life's spectrum

  1. Adamson AJ

2009European Journal of Clinical Nutrition

Digital Mysteries: Designing for Learning at the Tabletop

  1. Kharrufa AS
  2. Olivier P
  3. Leat D

2009School of Computing Science Technical Report Series

Digital Technologies and the Emotional Family

  1. Olivier P
  2. Wallace J

2009International Journal of Human-Computer Studies

Enacted experience and interaction design: new perspectives

  1. Thomspon S
  2. Vines J

2009Physicality '09: 3rd International Workshop on Physicality

ePAD: Engaging Platform for Art Development

  1. Hoey J
  2. Blunsden S
  3. Richards B
  4. Burns J
  5. Bartindale T
  6. Jackson D
  7. Olivier P
  8. Boder J
  9. Mihailidis A

2009IJCAI'09 Workshop on Assisted Cognition (best paper)

Estimation of portion size in children's dietary assessment: lessons learnt

  1. Foster E
  2. Adamson AJ
  3. Anderson AS
  4. Barton KL
  5. Wrieden WL

2009European Journal of Clinical Nutrition

Exploring participatory performance to inform the design of collaborative public interfaces

  1. Taylor R
  2. Olivier P
  3. Boulanger P
  4. Wallace J

200927th Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

From The Chalkface and Back Again: L2 Motivation as a Characteristic of Context in MFL Learning

  1. Preston A

2009BAAL Language Learning and Teaching SIG 5th Annual Conference, Exploring the Interfaces: Interrelating learning theories, policy and practitioner perspectives

Home curation versus teenage photography: Photo displays in the family home

  1. Durrant A
  2. Frohlich D
  3. Sellen A
  4. Lyons E

2009International Journal of Human-Computer Studies

iBookmark: Locative Texts and Place-based Authoring

  1. Schöning J
  2. Bartindale T
  3. Olivier P et al

2009CHI 2009: Digital Life, New World. The 27th Annual CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

Keeping In Touch Everyday (KITE) project: developing assistive technologies with people with dementia and their carers to promote independence

  1. Robinson L
  2. Brittain KR
  3. Lindsay S
  4. Jackson D
  5. Olivier P

2009International Psychogeriatrics

Media Crate: Tangible Live Media Production Interface

  1. Bartindale T
  2. Hook J
  3. Olivier P

2009TEI'09. Third International Conference on Tangible and Embedded Interaction

Obesogenic Environments: Exploring Longitudinal Change in Food Environments and BMI Across Twenty Years (the ASH30 Study)

  1. Lake AA
  2. Adamson AJ
  3. Mathers JC
  4. Alvanides S
  5. Burgoine T

2009Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism: International Congress of Nutrition

Optimisation of Balsa control path using STG resynthesis

  1. Alekseyev A
  2. Poliakov I
  3. Khomenko V
  4. Yakovlev A

200921st UK Asynchronous Forum

Parental perceptions of body size and childhood adiposity at 6-8 years in the Gateshead Millennium Study

  1. Jones AR
  2. Parkinson KN
  3. Drewett RF
  4. Hyland RM
  5. Adamson AJ

200917th European Congress on Obesity (ECO 2009)

Parental recognition of overweight in children aged 6-8 years: Findings from the Gateshead Millennium Study

  1. Jones AR
  2. Parkinson KN
  3. Drewett RF
  4. Hyland RM
  5. Adamson AJ

2009Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health: Society for Social Medicine 53rd Annual Scientific Meeting

Photo Displays and Intergenerational Relationships in the Family Home

  1. Durrant A
  2. Taylor AS
  3. Frohlich D
  4. Sellen A
  5. Uzzell D

2009British Computing Society Conference of Human Computer Interaction (HCI 09)


  1. Zaman H
  2. Robinson P
  3. Petrou M
  4. Olivier P
  5. Schröder H
  6. Shih T

2009Visual Informatics: Bridging Research and Practice: First International Visual Informatics Conference

Putting the physical into the digital: issues in designing hybrid interactive surfaces

  1. Kirk D
  2. Sellen A
  3. Taylor S
  4. Villar N
  5. Izadi S

2009BCS-HCI 2009: Proceedings of the 23rd British HCI Group Annual Conference on People and Computers: Celebrating People and Technology

Situvis: A visual tool for modeling a user’s behaviour patterns in a pervasive environment

  1. Clear AK
  2. Shannon R
  3. Holland T
  4. Quigley A
  5. Dobson S
  6. Nixon P

2009Pervasive Computing (PERVASIVE)

Slice&amp;Dice: recognizing food preparation activities using embedded accelerometers

  1. Pham C
  2. Olivier P

2009European Conference on Ambient Intelligence

Slice&amp;Dice: Recognizing Food Preparation Activities Using Embedded Accelerometers

  1. Pham C
  2. Olivier P

2009Ambient Intelligence : European Conference, AmI 2009 ; Proceedings

Stacks on the surface: Resolving physical order using fiducial markers with structured transparency

  1. Bartindale T
  2. Harrison C

2009The ACM International Conference on Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces (ITS)

TangiSoft: A Tangible Direct-Touch Tabletop Keyboard

  1. Sulaiman A
  2. Olivier P
  3. Heslop PA
  4. Ahmed Kharrufa

2009World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia and Telecommunications (EDMEDIA 2009)

TangiSoft: A Tangible Direct-Touch Tabletop Keyboard

  1. Sulaiman-Kharrufa A
  2. Olivier P
  3. Heslop P

2009EdMedia: World Conference on Educational Media and Technology

The ageing present: neurophysiological change and the relational affordances of technological objects

  1. Vines J
  2. Punt M

2009IASDR 2009:

The IRIS network of excellence: Future directions in interactive storytelling

  1. Cavazza M
  2. Champagnat R
  3. Leonardi R
  4. Charles F
  5. Porteous J
  6. Donikian S
  7. Christie M
  8. Pépin N
  9. Spierling U
  10. Hoffmann S
  11. Szilas N
  12. Axelrad M
  13. Richle U
  14. Vorderer P
  15. Roth C
  16. Vermeulen I
  17. Klimmt C
  18. André E
  19. Bee N
  20. Endrass B
  21. Kurdyukova K
  22. Leichtenstern K
  23. Petta P
  24. Rank S
  25. Olivier P
  26. Schofield G
  27. Jackson D

2009Interactive Storytelling: Second Joint International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling

The Mind Cupola and Enactive Ecology: Designing technologically mediated experiences for the Ageing Mind

  1. Zics B
  2. Vines J

200910th Annual Planetary Collegium International Research Conference, Consciousness Reframed: art and consciousness in the post-biological era, Experiencing Design: Behaving media

WORKCRAFT - A Framework for Interpreted Graph Models

  1. Poliakov I
  2. Khomenko V
  3. Yakovlev A

200930th International Conference on Applications and Theory of Petri Nets