Publications in 2021

“It’s just a great muddle when it comes to food”: a qualitative exploration of patient decision making around diet and gout

  1. Liddle J
  2. Richardson JC
  3. Hider SL
  4. Mallen CD
  5. Watson L
  6. Chandratre P
  7. Roddy E

2021Rheumatology Advances in Practice

A ‘Planning Revolution’ or an ‘Attack on Planning’ in England: Democratisation, Digitisation and Digitalisation

  1. Boland P
  2. McHenry J
  3. McKay S
  4. Durrant A
  5. Wilson A

2021International Planning Studies

Achieving long-term retention of GPs will require funding, support, and a reduction in workload demands

  1. Goffe L
  2. Antonopoulou V
  3. Grimani A
  4. Meyer C
  5. Sniehotta F
  6. Kelly MP
  7. Vlaev I

2021BMJ Opinion

Appetite for Disruption: Designing Human-Centred Augmentations to an Online Food Ordering Platform

  1. Goffe L
  2. Chivukula SS
  3. Bowyer A
  4. Bowen S
  5. Toombs AL
  6. Gray CM

202134th British Human Computer Interaction Conference

Blending into Everyday Life: Designing a Social Media-Based Peer Support System

  1. Lambton-Howard Daniel
  2. Simpson Emma
  3. Quimby Kim
  4. Kharrufa Ahmed
  5. Hoi Ming Ng Heidi
  6. Foster Emma
  7. Olivier Patrick

2021CHI '21: Proceedings of the 2021 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

Bunkering down? The geography of elite residential basement development in London

  1. Burrows R
  2. Graham S
  3. Wilson A

2021Urban Geography

Co-Creative Visual Poetic Inquiry for communicating lived experience of HIV self-management and self-care

  1. Claisse C
  2. Kasadha B
  3. Durrant AC

2021Design for Health

Co-teaching as a form of co-design for Educational Technology

  1. Nicholson R
  2. Walker-Gleaves C

2021British Educational Research Association Annual Conference

Content Creation in Later Life: Reconsidering older adults' digital participation and inclusion

  1. Reuter A
  2. Scharf T
  3. Smeddinck J

2021Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction

COVID-19 and the Rise of Digital Planning: Fast and Slow Adoption of a Digital Planning System

  1. Wilson A
  2. Tewdwr-Jones M

2021Town Planning Review

Cyclical experience-based design: A proposal for engaging stakeholders in a co-creative model for primary health care service design

  1. Ramos M
  2. Forcellini FA
  3. Ferreira MGG
  4. Bowen S
  5. Wright PC

2021International Journal of Health Planning and Management

Data Contribution Summaries for Patient Engagement in Multi-Device Health Monitoring Research

  1. Rainey J
  2. Verweij D
  3. Dodds C
  4. Graeber J
  5. Farhadi F
  6. Ali R
  7. Zhang V
  8. Bull CN
  9. Smeddinck JD

2021Adjunct Proceedings of the 2021 ACM International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing and Proceedings of the 2021 ACM International Symposium on Wearable Computers (UbiComp-ISWC ’21 Adjunct)

Deep learning-based automated speech detection as a marker of social functioning in late-life depression

  1. Little B
  2. Alshabrawy O
  3. Stow D
  4. Ferrier IN
  5. McNaney R
  6. Jackson DG
  7. Ladha K
  8. Ladha C
  9. Ploetz T
  10. Bacardit J
  11. Olivier P
  12. Gallagher P
  13. OBrien JT

2021Psychological Medicine

Designing Sharing Economy Platforms through a 'Solidarity HCI' lens

  1. Ntouros V
  2. Kouki H
  3. Vlachokyriakos V

2021Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction

Designing Sharing Economy Platforms through a ‘Solidarity HCI’ lens

  1. Ntouros V
  2. Kouki H
  3. Vlachokyriakos V

2021ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing

Early Warning Signs of a Mental Health Tsunami: A Coordinated Response to Gather Initial Data Insights From Multiple Digital Services Providers

  1. Inkster B
  2. Digital Mental Health Data Insights Group
  3. Elliott K
  4. Elnahass M
  5. Smeddinck J

2021Frontiers in Digital Health

Effectiveness of personal letters to healthcare professionals in changing professional behaviours: a systematic review protocol

  1. Grimani A
  2. Goffe L
  3. Tang MY
  4. Beyer F
  5. Sniehotta FF
  6. Vlaev I

2021Systematic Reviews

Enhancing citizen engagement in planning through participatory film-making

  1. Manuel J
  2. Vigar G

2021Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science

Experiences of a National Early Warning Score (NEWS) intervention in care homes during the COVID-19 pandemic: a qualitative interview study

  1. Stocker R
  2. Russell S
  3. Liddle J
  4. Barker RO
  5. Remmer A
  6. Gray J
  7. Hanratty B
  8. Adamson J

2021BMJ Open

Exploring the data sharing ecosystem in HIV care: healthcare professionals’ beliefs and practices

  1. Lloyd K
  2. Tariq S
  3. Durrant A
  4. Claisse C
  5. Coventry L
  6. Kasadha B
  7. Sillence E
  8. Stumpf S
  9. Gibbs J

20215th Joint Conference of the British HIV Association (BHIVA) & the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV (BASHH)

Factors associated with vaccine intention in adults living in England who either did not want or had not yet decided to be vaccinated against COVID-19

  1. Goffe L
  2. Antonopoulou V
  3. Meyer CJ
  4. Graham F
  5. Tang MY
  6. Lecouturier J
  7. Grimani A
  8. Bambra C
  9. Kelly MP
  10. Sniehotta FF

2021Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics

Fragments of the Past: Curating Peer Support with Perpetrators of Domestic Violence

  1. Bellini R
  2. Wilson A
  3. Smeddinck JD

2021Proceedings of the 2021 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI '21)

HCI - H is also for Hazard: Using HAZOP to Identify Undesirable Consequences in Socio-Technical Systems

  1. Watson C
  2. Kharrufa A

2021ACM SIGCAS Conference on Computing and Sustainable Societies 2021 (ACM COMPASS '21)

Human-Data Interaction has two purposes: Personal Data Control and Life Information Exploration

  1. Bowyer AJB

2021CHI '21

Integrating case-finding and initial management for osteoarthritis, anxiety and depression into primary care long-term condition reviews: results from the ENHANCE pilot trial

  1. Healey EL
  2. Mallen CD
  3. Chew-Graham CA
  4. Nicholls E
  5. Lewis M
  6. Lawton S
  7. Finney AG
  8. Tan V
  9. Cooper V
  10. Dziedzic KS
  11. Liddle J
  12. Wathall S
  13. Jinks C

2021Family Practice

Invariant Deep Compressible Covariance Pooling for Aerial Scene Categorization

  1. Wang S
  2. Ren Y
  3. Parr G
  4. Guan Y
  5. Shao L

2021IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing

Making sense of 'slippages': re-evaluating ethics for digital research with children and young people

  1. Cutting K
  2. Peacock S

2021Children's Geographies

Memoryscapes: Designing Situated Narratives of Place through Heritage Collections

  1. Rogage K
  2. Kirk D
  3. Charlton J
  4. Nally C
  5. Swords J
  6. Watson R

2021International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction

Opening research commissioning to civic participation: creating a community panel to review the social impact of HCI research proposals

  1. Johnson IG
  2. Crivellaro C

2021Proceedings of the 2021 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems - CHI ’21

Patient-centred measurement of recovery from day-case surgery using wrist worn accelerometers: a pilot and feasibility study

  1. Ratcliffe AM
  2. Zhai B
  3. Guan Y
  4. Jackson DG
  5. Sneyd JR
  6. Minto G
  7. Howell S
  8. Miller F
  9. Retief JL
  10. Webster DA
  11. Veeralakshmanan P
  12. Graterol JF
  13. Kotwinski DP
  14. Maxwell S
  15. Parish B
  16. Spinney S


Patient-generated data in the management of HIV: a scoping review

  1. Hewitt C
  2. Lloyd KC
  3. Tariq S
  4. Durrant A
  5. Claisse C
  6. Kasadha B
  7. Gibbs J

2021BMJ Open

Proceed with care: Reimagining home IoT through a care perspective

  1. Key C
  2. Browne F
  3. Taylor N
  4. Rogers J

2021CHI '21: Proceedings of the 2021 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

Prototyping Things: Reflecting on Unreported Objects of Design Research for IoT

  1. Taylor N
  2. Rogers J
  3. Clarke L
  4. Skelly M
  5. Wallace J
  6. Thomas P
  7. George B
  8. Raj R
  9. Shorter M
  10. Thorne M

2021DIS '21: Designing Interactive Systems Conference 2021

Public understanding of COVID-19 antibody testing and test results: A qualitative study conducted in the U.K. early in the pandemic

  1. Lecouturier J
  2. Kelly MP
  3. Graham F
  4. Meyer C
  5. Tang MY
  6. Goffe L
  7. Bonell C
  8. Michie S
  9. Sniehotta FF

2021Social Science & Medicine

Reconfiguration Strategies with Composite Data Physicalizations

  1. Sauvé K
  2. Verweij D
  3. Alexander J
  4. Houben S

2021CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

Requirements Engineering for Well-Being, Aging, and Health: An Overview for Practitioners

  1. Meira L
  2. Liu L
  3. Amyot D
  4. Yu E
  5. Alshammari M
  6. Baslyman M
  7. Bjarnason E
  8. Bull C
  9. Duarte CHC
  10. Groen EC
  11. Jantunen S
  12. Kopczynska S
  13. Lessard L
  14. Richardson I
  15. Weber J
  16. Wei Z

2021IEEE Software

Research with a Solidarity Clinic: Design Implications for CSCW Healthcare Service Design

  1. Vlachokyriakos V
  2. Crivellaro C
  3. Kouki H
  4. Giovanopoulos C
  5. Olivier P

2021Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW)

Research with a Solidarity Clinic: Design Implications for CSCW Healthcare Service Design

  1. Vlachokyriakos V
  2. Crivellaro C
  3. Kouki H
  4. Giovanopoulos C
  5. Olivier P

2021Computer Supported Cooperative Work: CSCW: An International Journal

Sensing our Streets: Involving Children in Making People-centred Smart Cities

  1. Peacock S
  2. Puussaar A
  3. Crivellaro C

2021The Routledge Handbook of Placemaking

Tangible Lighting Proxies: Brokering the Transition from Classroom to Stage

  1. Nicholson R
  2. Kirk D
  3. Bartindale T

2021ACM International Conference on Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction

Tensions and Mitigations: Understanding Concerns and Values around Smartphone Data Collection for Public Health Emergencies

  1. Watson C
  2. Ali R
  3. Smeddinck JD

202124th ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (CSCW 2021)

The impact of school exclusion zone planning guidance on the number and type of food outlets in an English local authority: A longitudinal analysis

  1. Brown H
  2. Kirkman S
  3. Albani V
  4. Goffe L
  5. Akhter N
  6. Hollingsworth B
  7. von Hinke S
  8. Lake A

2021Health and Place

Understanding the Barriers and Facilitators to Sharing Patient-Generated Health Data Using Digital Technology for People Living With Long-Term Health Conditions: A Narrative Review

  1. Simpson E
  2. Brown R
  3. Sillence E
  4. Coventry L
  5. Lloyd K
  6. Gibbs J
  7. Tariq S
  8. Durrant AC

2021Frontiers in Public Health

Virtual exchange facilitated by interactive, digital, cultural artefacts: communities, languages, and activities app (ENACT)

  1. Dodds CB
  2. Whelan A
  3. Kharrufa A
  4. Satar M

2021Virtual exchange: towards digital equity in internationalisation

What are the consequences of caring for older people and what interventions are effective for supporting unpaid carers? A rapid review of systematic reviews

  1. Spiers GF
  2. Liddle J
  3. Kunonga TP
  4. Whitehead IO
  5. Beyer F
  6. Stow D
  7. Welsh C
  8. Ramsay SE
  9. Craig D
  10. Hanratty B

2021BMJ Open