Publications in 2021

Designing Sharing Economy Platforms through a ‘Solidarity HCI’ lens

  1. Ntouros V
  2. Kouki H
  3. Vlachokyriakos V

2021ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing

Early Warning Signs of a Mental Health Tsunami: A Coordinated Response to Gather Initial Data Insights From Multiple Digital Services Providers

  1. Inkster B
  2. Digital Mental Health Data Insights Group
  3. Elliott K
  4. Jan Smeddinck

2021Frontiers in Digital Health

Human-Data Interaction has two purposes: Personal Data Control and Life Information Exploration

  1. Bowyer AJB

2021CHI '21

Making sense of 'slippages': re-evaluating ethics for digital research with children and young people

  1. Cutting K
  2. Peacock S

2021Children's Geographies

Memoryscapes: Designing Situated Narratives of Place through Heritage Collections

  1. Rogage K
  2. Kirk D
  3. Charlton J
  4. Nally C
  5. Swords J
  6. Watson R

2021International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction

Opening research commissioning to civic participation: creating a community panel to review the social impact of HCI research proposals

  1. Johnson IG
  2. Crivellaro C

2021Proceedings of the 2021 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems - CHI ’21

Patient-centred measurement of recovery from day-case surgery using wrist worn accelerometers: a pilot and feasibility study

  1. Ratcliffe AM
  2. Zhai B
  3. Guan Y
  4. Jackson DG
  5. Sneyd JR
  6. Minto G
  7. Howell S
  8. Miller F
  9. Retief JL
  10. Webster DA
  11. Veeralakshmanan P
  12. Graterol JF
  13. Kotwinski DP
  14. Maxwell S
  15. Parish B
  16. Spinney S


Public understanding of COVID-19 antibody testing and test results: A qualitative study conducted in the U.K. early in the pandemic

  1. Lecouturier J
  2. Kelly MP
  3. Graham F
  4. Meyer C
  5. Tang MY
  6. Goffe L
  7. Bonell C
  8. Michie S
  9. Sniehotta FF

2021Social Science & Medicine