Publications in 2019

A Call For Embedding Dignity In Humanitarian Technologies

  1. Talhouk R
  2. Montague K
  3. Garbett A
  4. Araujo-Soares V
  5. Akik C
  6. Ghattas H
  7. Ahmad B
  8. Balaam M

2019The 9th International Conference on Communities & Technologies

A Taxonomy of key uncertainties using high level frameworks for energy modelling

  1. Urquizo J
  2. Calderon C
  3. James P

201917th LACCEI International Multi-Conference for Engineering, Education, and Technology “Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure for sustainable cities and communities”

Accountability and the introduction of the unified system of accounts in voluntary hospitals in the nineteenth century

  1. Holden A

2019Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal

An Analysis of Interactive Technology’s Effect on the Appreciation of Traditional Chinese Painting: A Review of Case Studies

  1. Zhao SC

2019The International Journal of New Media, Technology and the Arts

Birth weight and adolescent blood pressure measured at age 12 years in the Gateshead Millennium Study

  1. Mann KD
  2. Basterfield L
  3. Wright C
  4. Parkinson K
  5. Reilly JK
  6. Reilly JJ
  7. Adamson AJ
  8. Pearce MS

2019Journal of Developmental Origins of Health and Disease

Characteristics of patients with giant cell arteritis who experience visual symptoms

  1. Chean CS
  2. Prior JA
  3. Helliwell T
  4. Belcher J
  5. Mackie SL
  6. Hider SL
  7. Liddle J
  8. Mallen CD

2019Rheumatology International

Comparison of walking protocols and gait assessment systems for machine learning based classification of Parkinson’s disease

  1. Rehman RZU
  2. Del Din S
  3. Shi JQ
  4. Galna B
  5. Lord S
  6. Yarnall AJ
  7. Guan Y
  8. Rochester L


Corrigendum to “Recommender system based on pairwise association rules” [Expert Systems With Applications 115 (2018) 535–542]

  1. Osadchiy T
  2. Poliakov I
  3. Olivier P
  4. Rowland M
  5. Foster E

2019Expert Systems with Applications

Cross-cultural Understanding of Chinese Traditional Puppetry: Integrating Digital Technology to Enhance Audience Engagement

  1. Zhao SC
  2. Kirk D
  3. Bowen S
  4. Wright PC

2019The International Journal of Intangible Heritage

Developing technology to enhance learning interpersonal skills in counsellor education

  1. Murphy D
  2. Slovak P
  3. Thieme A
  4. Jackson D
  5. Olivier P
  6. Fitzpatrick G

2019British Journal of Guidance and Counselling

Durability of a primary care-led weight-management intervention for remission of type 2 diabetes: 2-year results of the DiRECT open-label, cluster-randomised trial

  1. Lean MEJ
  2. Leslie WS
  3. Barnes AC
  4. Brosnahan N
  5. Thom G
  6. McCombie L
  7. Peters C
  8. Zhyzhneuskaya S
  9. Al-Mrabeh A
  10. Hollingsworth KG
  11. Rodrigues AM
  12. Rehackova L
  13. Adamson AJ
  14. Sniehotta FF
  15. Mathers JC
  16. Ross HM
  17. McIlvenna Y
  18. Welsh P
  19. Kean S
  20. Ford I
  21. McConnachie A
  22. Messow CM
  23. Sattar N
  24. Taylor R

2019Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology

Engineering Pathways in Central Carbon Metabolism Help to Increase Glycan Production and Improve <em>N</em>-Type Glycosylation of Recombinant Proteins in <em>E. coli</em>

  1. Strutton B
  2. Jaffe SRP
  3. Evans CA
  4. Fowler GJS
  5. Dobson PD
  6. Pandhal J
  7. Wright PC


Engineering the flagellar type III secretion system: Improving capacity for secretion of recombinant protein

  1. Green CA
  2. Kamble NS
  3. Court EK
  4. Bryant OJ
  5. Hicks MG
  6. Lennon C
  7. Fraser GM
  8. Wright PC
  9. Stafford GP

2019Microbial Cell Factories

Exploring e-mentoring: co-designing &amp; un-platforming

  1. Alhadlaq A
  2. Kharrufa A
  3. Olivier P

2019Behaviour & Information Technology

Exploring How Interactive Technology Enhances Gesture-Based Expression and Engagement: A Design Study

  1. Zhao SC

2019Multimodal Technologies and Interaction

Exploring pupil and staff perceptions of school food and drinks: Findings from a feasibility study

  1. McSweeney L
  2. Bradley J
  3. Adamson A
  4. Spence S

20196th UK Congress on Obesity 2019

Exploring the links between unhealthy eating behaviour and heavy alcohol use in the social, emotional and cultural lives of young adults (age 18-25): A qualitative research study

  1. Scott S
  2. Muir C
  3. Stead M
  4. Fitzgerald N
  5. Kaner E
  6. Bradbury J
  7. Wrieden W
  8. Power C
  9. Adamson A


Exploring the Potential for Technology to Improve Cystic Fibrosis Care Provision: Patient and Professional Perspectives

  1. Rodger S
  2. O'Hara K

2019Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction

Feasibility and acceptability of a Takeaway Masterclass aimed at encouraging healthier cooking practices and menu options in takeaway food outlets

  1. Hillier-Brown F
  2. Lloyd S
  3. Muhammad L
  4. Summerbell C
  5. Goffe L
  6. Hildred N
  7. Adams J
  8. Penn L
  9. Wrieden W
  10. White M
  11. Lake A
  12. Moore H
  13. Abraham C
  14. Adamson A
  15. Araujo-Soares V

2019Public Health Nutrition

Feasibility of communication training for parents of preschool children with motor disorders with remote coaching using smartphone apps

  1. Stockwell C
  2. Alabdulqader E
  3. Jackson D
  4. Basu A
  5. Olivier P
  6. Pennington L

2019International Journal of Language and Communication

Feasibility of parent communication training with remote coaching using smartphone apps

  1. Stockwell K
  2. Alabdulqader E
  3. Jackson D
  4. Basu A
  5. Olivier P
  6. Pennington L

2019International Journal of Language and Communication Disorders

Feasibility of working with a wholesale supplier to co-design and test acceptability of an intervention to promote smaller portions: an uncontrolled before-and-after study in British Fish &amp; Chip shops

  1. Goffe L
  2. Hillier-Brown F
  3. Hildred N
  4. Worsnop M
  5. Adams J
  6. Araujo-Soares V
  7. Penn L
  8. Wrieden W
  9. Summerbell CD
  10. Lake AA
  11. White M
  12. Adamson AJ

2019BMJ Open

Food Democracy for All? Developing a Food Hub in the Context of Socio-Economic Deprivation

  1. Prost S

2019Politics and Governance

Generic compact representation through visual-semantic ambiguity removal

  1. Long Y
  2. Guan Y
  3. Shao L

2019Pattern Recognition Letters

Group tagging: Using video tagging to facilitate reflection on small group activities

  1. Qarabash H
  2. Heslop P
  3. Kharrufa A
  4. Balaam M
  5. Devlin M

2019British Journal of Educational Technology

HOPE for Computing Education: Towards the Infrastructuring of Support for University-School Partnerships

  1. Venn-Wycherley M
  2. Kharrufa A

2019CHI '19 Proceedings of the 2019 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

Improving child weight management uptake through enhanced National Child Measurement Programme parental feedback letters: A randomised controlled trial

  1. Sallis A
  2. Porter L
  3. Tan K
  4. Howards R
  5. Brown L
  6. Jones A
  7. Ells L
  8. Adamson A
  9. Taylor R
  10. Vlaev I
  11. Chadborn T

2019Preventive Medicine

Infrastructuring Food Democracy: The Formation of a Local Food Hub in the Context of Socio-Economic Deprivation

  1. Prost S
  2. Vlachokyriakos V
  3. Midgley J
  4. Heron G
  5. Meziant K
  6. Crivellaro C

2019Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction

Interactive Interior Design and Personal Data

  1. Nabil S
  2. Kirk D

2019People, Personal Data and the Built Environment

Involving Syrian Refugees in Design Research: Lessons Learnt from the Field

  1. Talhouk R
  2. Balaam M
  3. Toombs AL
  4. Garbett A
  5. Akik C
  6. Ghattas H
  7. Araujo-Soares V
  8. Ahmad B
  9. Montague K

2019Proceedings of the 2019 Conference on Designing Interactive Systems (DIS '19)

JourneyCam: Exploring Experiences of Accessibility and Mobility among Powered Wheelchair Users through Video and Data

  1. Rodger S
  2. Jackson D
  3. Vines J
  4. McLaughlin J
  5. Wright P

2019Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2019)

Let’s draw and talk about urban change: Deploying digital technology to encourage citizen participation in urban planning

  1. Wilson A
  2. Tewdwr-Jones M

2019Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science

Longitudinal changes in vigorous intensity physical activity from childhood to adolescence: Gateshead Millennium Study

  1. Beltran-Valls MR
  2. Janssen X
  3. Farooq A
  4. Adamson AJ
  5. Pearce MS
  6. Reilly JK
  7. Basterfield L
  8. Reilly J

2019Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport

Magical Realism and Augmented Reality: Designing Apps with Children in a Cultural Institution

  1. Schofield T
  2. Trujillo Pisanty D
  3. Arrigoni G
  4. Reynolds K
  5. Pattinson R

2019Proceedings of the 2019 Conference on Designing Interactive Systems (DIS '19)

Management information systems for community based interventions to improve health: qualitative study of stakeholder perspectives

  1. Penn L
  2. Goffe L
  3. Haste A
  4. Moffatt S

2019BMC Public Health

Multifocus image fusion using convolutional neural networks in the discrete wavelet transform domain

  1. Wang Z
  2. Li X
  3. Duan H
  4. Zhang X
  5. Wang H

2019Multimedia Tools and Applications

Non-linear longitudinal associations between moderate-to-vigorous physical activity and adiposity across the adiposity distribution during childhood and adolescence: Gateshead Millennium Study

  1. Janssen X
  2. Basterfield L
  3. Parkinson KN
  4. Pearce MS
  5. Reilly JK
  6. Adamson A
  7. Reilly JJ

2019International Journal of Obesity

Not-equal: Democratizing research in digital innovation for social justice

  1. Crivellaro C
  2. Coles-Kemp L
  3. Dix A
  4. Light A


Older voices: supporting community radio production for civic participation in later life

  1. Reuter A
  2. Bartindale T
  3. Morrissey K
  4. Scharf T
  5. Liddle J

20192019 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

Ontology-based discovery of time-series data sources for landslide early warning system

  1. Phengsuwan J
  2. Shah T
  3. James P
  4. Thakker D
  5. Barr S
  6. Ranjan R


Parents' and carers' awareness and perceptions of UK supermarket policies on less healthy food at checkouts: A qualitative study

  1. Ford A
  2. Stead M
  3. Eadie D
  4. Adams J
  5. Adamson AJ
  6. White M


Recommender system based on pairwise association rules

  1. Osadchiy T
  2. Poliakov I
  3. Olivier P
  4. Rowland M
  5. Foster E

2019Expert Systems with Applications

Refugee Food (in)Security: Surfacing Experiences of Adaptation, Navigation &amp; Negotiation

  1. Talhouk R
  2. Montague K
  3. Ghattas H
  4. Araujo-Soares V
  5. Ahmad B
  6. Balaam M


Seamless Seams: Crafting Techniqutes for Embedding Fabrics with Interactive Actuation

  1. Nabil S
  2. Kucera J
  3. Karastathi N
  4. Kirk D
  5. Wright P
  6. Jan Kučera

20192019 Designing Interactive Systems Conference (DIS '19)

Selecting Clinically Relevant Gait Characteristics for Classification of Early Parkinson’s Disease: A Comprehensive Machine Learning Approach

  1. Rehman RZU
  2. Del Din S
  3. Guan Y
  4. Yarnall AJ
  5. Shi JQ
  6. Rochester L

2019Scientific Reports

Supporting the Cross-cultural Appreciation of Traditional Chinese Puppetry Through a Digital Gesture Library

  1. Zhao SC
  2. Kirk D
  3. Bowen S
  4. Chatting D
  5. Wright PC

2019ACM Journal on Computing and Cultural Heritage

Sustainable Diets in the UK—Developing a Systematic Framework to Assess the Environmental Impact, Cost and Nutritional Quality of Household Food Purchases

  1. Wrieden W
  2. Halligan J
  3. Goffe L
  4. Barton K
  5. Leinonen I


Targeting of tolerogenic dendritic cells to heat-shock proteins in inflammatory arthritis

  1. Spiering R
  2. Jansen MAA
  3. Wood MJ
  4. Fath AA
  5. Eltherington O
  6. Anderson AE
  7. Pratt AG
  8. van Eden W
  9. Isaacs JD
  10. Broere F
  11. Hilkens CMU

2019Journal of Translational Medicine

Teaching Students How to Code Using Physical Computing Tools

  1. Russo-Abegao F
  2. Venn-Wycherley M
  3. Vasilchenko A
  4. Dyson M
  5. O'Malley C
  6. Law R
  7. Adamson H
  8. Joyce S
  9. Norman R
  10. Goss J
  11. Devlin M

2019ChemEngDay 2019

Technologies for Social Justice: Lessons from Sex Workers on the Front Lines

  1. Strohmayer A
  2. Clamen J
  3. Laing M

2019CHI - Conference on Human Factors in Compupting Systems

The 'Voice' of Key Stakeholders in a School Food and Drink Intervention in Two Secondary Schools in NE England: Findings from a Feasibility Study

  1. McSweeney L
  2. Bradley J
  3. Adamson AJ
  4. Spence S


The feasibility and acceptability of using a novel wrist worn cueing device to self-manage drooling problems in people with Parkinson’s Disease: a pilot study

  1. McNaney R
  2. Miller N
  3. Olivier P
  4. Vines J
  5. Walker R

2019Journal of Rehabilitation and Assistive Technologies Engineering

Towards Reliable, Automated General Movement Assessment for Perinatal Stroke Screening in Infants Using Wearable Accelerometers

  1. Gao Y
  2. Long Y
  3. Guan Y
  4. Basu A
  5. Baggaley J
  6. Ploetz T

2019Proceedings of the ACM on Interactive, Mobile, Wearable and Ubiquitous Technologies

Understanding, capturing, and assessing value in collaborative design research

  1. Whitham R
  2. Moreton S
  3. Bowen S
  4. Speed C
  5. Durrant A


Urban planning, public participation and digital technology: App development as a method of generating citizen involvement in local planning processes

  1. Wilson A
  2. Tewdwr-Jones M
  3. Comber R

2019Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science

Using technologies to commemorate International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers in the North East of England

  1. Strohmayer A

2019Journal of International Women's Studies

Validity and reliability of an online self-report 24-hour dietary recall method (Intake24): A doubly-labelled water study and repeated measures analysis

  1. Foster E
  2. Lee C
  3. Imamura F
  4. Hollidge SE
  5. Westgate KL
  6. Venables MC
  7. Poliakov I
  8. Rowland MK
  9. Osadchiy T
  10. Bradley JC
  11. Simpson EL
  12. Adamson AJ
  13. Olivier P
  14. Wareham N
  15. Forouhi NG
  16. Brage S

2019Journal of Nutritional Science

What is participation? Emerging challenges for participatory design in globalized conditions

  1. Kruger M
  2. Duarte AB
  3. Weibert A
  4. Aal K
  5. Talhouk R
  6. Metatla O